Q: Why are some digital photos from certain races "free" and other races there is a charge? 

           A: Races offering a free digital photo are compensating me, either via a sponsor or the race organization, itself, for the service.                

           Q: I see the runners who finished before and after me, but I don't see myself. Where is my photo?

A: I am a one-man operation and while every attempt is made to capture every runner, due to the size of most races, this Is not always possible.

Q: I just ordered one 4x6 print, so why is shipping $8?
A: Zenfolio sets all shipping rates, and I do not make any money from shipping costs. During the checkout process, Zenfolio has a shipping method highlighted as "recommended" for $8. Unless you need your photo prints urgently, the $4 shipping option is what I recommend

Q: In the race I just participated in I only see part of my body in the photo, Is there more to this image the web site is not showing?
A: The photos you see are the full image of what was captured.

Q: I just ordered my photo and forgot to apply the coupon code. How can I receive the discount you offered?
A: You MUST apply the coupon code during checkout. Once the order is placed I cannot offer a refund since a third party controls the ordering and fulfillment processes. The only other option is within a couple of minutes of placing the order, to cancel your order. This requires retrieving your order number, which is emailed to you following a purchase, and sending it to [email protected] and requesting them to cancel your order. This must take place within a few minutes (usually no more than five) of placing the order.

Q: When I ordered a digital download, I hit the "I agree" icon on the agreement page, but I didn't read the document. What does it say?
A: Any digital downloads, as well as prints, are to be used for personal use only. This includes using it as a screen saver, sending to friends and family. I do allow customers to use images on social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. Using the image to promote your business, or share with newspapers, magazines or others publications is prohibited without my consent and possible further compensation for that type of use.

Q: Why does my 8x10 enlargement look different than it does on my computer screen?
A: When ordering an 8x10, the image is automatically cropped. Please be aware of this when you approve the image during the final stage of review. You are able to crop as you see fit and you can review your work before adding it to your shopping cart.

Q: When ordering a "Running" magazine cover, is the name of my race also on the cover?
A: No, the name does not appear on the cover. However, you can add a short amount of text yourself, whether it is the name of the race, the time you finished, or other details.